As violence in Ukraine has caused thousands of people to flee their homes, the need for international aid is great. If you’re looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of refugees from Ukraine, there are many ways you can help, from donating money and supplies to getting involved and raising awareness.

Research and Educate Yourself

Education is one of the most powerful tools available for helping refugees from Ukraine. Learning about the history and current events of this conflict can help you spread awareness and understand how to respond in meaningful ways. Read up on recent news articles and reports, learn from charitable organizations that are actively involved in the war, and use social media to connect with other activists who are looking for ways to help.

Receive and Donate Funds Where Needed Most

Sign up for a reliable online fundraising platform and make sure to spread the word about your campaign through social networks and email. Be sure to research a variety of charities that are working with refugees from Ukraine, so you can be sure your donations go to the best organizations and causes. Or if you prefer to donate tangible items, look into connecting with local refugee shelters near you and find out what needs they have most urgently.

Make Connections With Local Charities and Organizations Providing Support for Refugees from Ukraine

Local charities and organizations provide a great way to engage with the refugee crisis firsthand and get involved in helping. Make sure to check out online directories of organizations working with refugees from Ukraine, as well as your local networks of nonprofits. Being familiar with charities on the ground can help you choose the best organization for your donations or volunteering efforts. It’s an important step towards ensuring that people in need receive the support they need.

Canada has a long history of both welcoming and supporting refugees from all over the world.

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